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About Sentient Observer

Sentient Observer is indefinitely intriguedby human potential at its best and —through exploration of Eudaimonia — defines what it means to be a human intoday’s society.

While the balancing of action with wisdom, virtue, self-control, reason and realisation ofour purpose are being the most advancedand uniquely human abilities, SentientObserver challenges the authenticities ofinherently intertwined perceptions of these,and offers further perspectives on thepursuit of growth, purpose, potential andfulfilment and — dare I say it — happiness.

With a continuing fascination of multitudesof self-perception and application ofgrowth-mindset, emotional intelligenceand brain plasticity, Sentient Observer’sAnthology of Life’s Confessions allows thereader to sift their own comprehensionthrough a philosophical lens and too, tobecome both the camera and the obscura.